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11 min. B/W. Sound

"A film of a film within a film. One reel. One take. A soundtrack of musique concrete -- whirring gears, sprocket wheels, and intermittent clatter." --AB

"...a series of visual effects peculiar to cinema. First, the outer edge of the reel seems to take on something of a third dimension; it seems thick rather than flat. Later, the interaction of the camera's shutter speed and the graphic rhythm created by the by the holes in the reel as they spin through the image creates that reverse motion effect we are familiar with from stagecoach wheels in Westerns. Finally, the holes in the reel are moving so quickly that their round images tend to double up on the viewer's retina and become animated in a manner reminiscent of some of Oscar Fischinger's abstract animation.

-- Scott MacDonald, Afterimage, March 1989

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